Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thunderdust Logo Preview

It's blowing snow, ice and freezing rain today like it has been all January.  Icicles be getting gnarly.

Class is canceled and though I have got plenty of writing needing completion, all I can think about is how the snowfall is interfering with my soccer mojo. Probably drawing soccer is in hopes of making soccer happen: the following clip is of a logo still in process for our indoor team.

Check the back beat on the attached track which sorta sound like hooves galloping. I'm aiming to give the logo a few more clarifying shifts toward quicker Thunderdust legibility but for now you get the picture.

Sorta frustrating: blogger seems to be vaguely exclipsing the window along the right side of the video. To avoid this moon phase shift phenomena click on the clip and watch it via you tube. If anyone knows how to rectify the problem, do type!

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  1. DUDE! call me. Been trying to reach your painting ass!!!

    My number is the same as always -