Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thoughts on Illustration

Thoughts On Illustration is an animation side project made with the Housatonic Community College Illustrators.

To create this font arrangement we hit up a technique called the Letter Lottery which is a process i developed for creating slightly unpredictable collaborative drawing results. Its a terrific generator of ideas by which to jump start metaphorical thinking because is located on the intersection of form and content.

In this film you’re witness to a group of people who don’t yet know one another but fairly open-mindedly took on the font design for the title to their composition notebooks. Committing to the project entailed twenty patient souls and several weeks and multiple consecutive all nighters learning Photoshop and iMovie.

We took on the project as part of an idea of participating in parallel or virtual Factory. The virtual factory being a response to the exhibition currently on display in The Housatonic Museum of Art entitled: In the Company of... Andy Warhol.

To plan a visit or learn more check out follow this link=

An added shout out goes to The Bird and The Bee whose song, 'Love Letter to Japan' provides an aural compliment to the visual composing. You can find out more 'bout them here=